Major Artists of this time: Artwork

  • William Dobson external image STUdobsonW.jpgexternal image 200px-Charles_II_when_Prince_of_Wales_by_William_Dobson%2C_1642.jpg
  • He was born in London in 1611. After his death Charles I appointed him as his principal painter. During the civil war Dobson was based in Oxford and painted all the leading Cavaliers. After the defeat of the Royalists he returned to London. He was briefly imprisoned for debt and in poverty in 1646.
  • Samuel Cooperexternal image STUcooperS2.JPGexternal image samuel-cooper-duchess-of-orleans-circa-1665.jpg
  • He was born in 1609. After studying painting under his uncle, John Hoskins, he travelled around Europe. He later emerged as the greatest English miniaturist of the 17th century. He died on May 5th, 1672
  • Mary Beale external image STUbealeM2.jpg
    Mary Beale, Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester
    Mary Beale, Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester

    Was born in Barrow, Suffolk, on the 26th of March, 1633. She was influenced by the work of Peter Lely, she became one of the most important portrait painters of the 17th century. Her son, Charles Beale, also became a painter.
  • John Hoskinsexternal image STUhoskinsJ.jpg
    AskART Artist
    AskART Artist
  • He was born in 1595. By the 1620's he was the most important miniaturist working in England. He was employed by Charles I from April 1640 as a limner and painted several portraits of Henrietta Maria and her children.
  • Peter Lelyexternal image STUlely1.jpgexternal image 405879.jpg
  • Lely established himself as one of the country's most important portrait painters. Influenced by the work of Anthony Van Dyck and William Dobson. Lely painted portraits of Charles I, Oliver Cromwell and other leading political figures.
  • Anthony Van Dyck external image STUvandyke.jpgexternal image Sir_Anthony_Van_Dyck_1622_1627_XX_Paola_Adorno_Marchesa_Di_Brignole_Sale.jpg
  • He was born in 1599. After studying painting under Hendrick van Balen he was accepted as a master of the guild of St. Luke at Antwerp. g
  • Frederick Walker external image Jwalkerport.jpg
    File:Comfort in Grief.jpg
    File:Comfort in Grief.jpg
  • In 1863 Frederick Walker exhibited his first oil paintings at the Royal Academy. Most of these paintings were reworking of engravings that Walker had produced for magazines. One of these engravings that first appeared inOnce a Week in 1866 became the painting The Vagrants.
  • Percy Wyndham Lewis external image ARTlewisWp.jpgexternal image ARTlewiswyndB.jpg
  • Percy Wyndham Lewis was born in Amehurst, Nova Scotia in 1882. Lewis came to England and was educated atRugby School and the Slade School of Art (1898-1901). After leaving art college Lewis spent the next seven years in Europe. When he returned to England in 1909 he began publishing stories, essays, novels and plays.