Our relationship is like Easy Mac
In just and instant golden, delicious goodness was created
Although we are quite cheesy
No one can deny that the cheesiest is preferred
The most simple of side dishes is the main course in my life
Why mess with simplicity if it is perfection
Your bright outside makes me melt
And the warmth of your heart is choice
Some say we are together so much it is unhealthy
Your cheesy goodness is what fuels my day no matter the calorie content
Just add the water of friendship and a thick, rich relationship will form
I would say we were made for each other and many would agree
Separate we are fair but together we are a delectable treat
Our love doesn’t cost much and was even easy to start
I hope your taste for our traditional recipe doesn’t fade and we will not part
The aroma reminds me that you are always close
I will soon encounter your satisfying embrace once again
And savor it for as long as I can until you must go
I can say that Easy Mac is my favorite food
And our love is the main course for my soul
Our relationship is like music
Your unconditional love is like a sweet melody to my ear
Your willingness to call yourself my mother is like notes on a page, unwilling to change
Your embracing hugs remind me of the warm tone of an A
I love you
You love me like I love playing
You are my caretaker like polish is to instruments
You tuck me into bed like a Violin rests in its case
You call me cute pet names as I did for my Violin when I was little
Grow up mom :p
You sung to me as a child to put me to sleep.
Now I play for you
The sweet melodies of your voice and the warm timbre of my instrument join together in the ultimate relationship of love.
You are the one I call mom. You are the greatest musical melody ever composed.
I love you mom

2. A girl and a snob’s relationship
By: Michelle Spencer
You treat me like trash
The kind you throw out with the dogs
You liked me at one time
Then you tired and threw me in the toter
You say I smell like spoiled milk
And rotten bananas
You have a look of disgust when you look at me
You throw your dirty Band-Aids
And your leftover lasagna all over me.
To top it off
You tell everyone I’m white trash
With crooked yellow teeth
Black gaps peeking through my lips.
You say I associate with the kind of boys
With mullets and wife-beaters,
Cut-offs and beer-guts,
And who shout yee-haw!
You say I have a confederate flag on my front porch
And I stand and admire it
While rockin’ my Lynyrd Skynyrd
Wal-Mart brand t-shirt
With oil stains and dog slobber on it.
You tell everyone I’m drunk my noon
In my crappy mildew trailer
But I try to tell you I’m a classy lady
And all the fellows agree
But guess what honey?
I’m in line to marry a rich man
And you’ll be working for me.
Ice - Hillary Sharp
My relationship with you is like Ice.
While at times you are refreshing,
Too much exposure to you can sting.
I eventually become numb to everything
You say or do to me.
But without you I would overheat
And my temper would eventually blow.
You seem at first to cool me down
With kind words and a comforting coolness.
But the cold, instead of warming, only grows.
While frost can keep things in time suspended
Your cold demeanor instead has ended
Any affection I felt for you, this I have shown
Again and again through actions contradicted.
Your once warm words chill me instead
And I begin to shake and shiver
From fear that you would deliver
Words as sharp as shards of Ice,
Like broken glass, glinting and gleaming in the light.
Our Affection is Like Grits
Our affection is like grits
You’re ground up and disgusting
Your appearance looks greasy and unappealing
Your taste only satiates the mouths of old people
The image of vomit is like
The face of a beautiful princess in comparison
To your zit-stricken, nauseating countenance
Your stench makes a dirty diaper smell like
A bouquet of freshly snipped roses
At first glance, your horrid and mushy appearance
Seems to grow on me but once I have a taste
The only thing on my mind is to wash my mouth out with soap
After seeing your ground-up corn meal-like visage,
I feel that the only way to cleanse my mind
Is to scrub my eyes with a toothbrush and drip Tabasco on them afterwards
When my finger goes through your grotesque pile,
I regret on why I did not get hash browns instead.
Although people say you go well with a little butter and salt,
I soon learn that it only adds to the already distasteful flavor
Why would anyone want you?
You are just a white heap of sickening vulgarity
You make insect-ridden road kill
Look like a five-star meal made by Guy Fieri
No one knows where you came from
But they do know where you will end up;
The nearest trash can or toilet
external image 747393558_78da7965e0.jpg
Kaitlin Wells internet-explorer-_1207664c.jpg
A relationship comparable to that of a purse
Friendship is kind of like the internet.
There are a world of possibilities
And an infinite amount of areas to explore.
There are hidden gems
And things that change your opinion and open up your mind.
Unexpected surprises are common,
And disappointment is no exception.
At times, the good stuff isn’t so easy to find
you have to sift through a lot of scam and junk
To find the thing that you need.
And sometimes, you never find it.
You’re left clicking on cancelled links
And pouring over useless web pages
For something that isn’t there.
There are a lot of suggestions that lead to nothing
And Sometimes, it seems one sided
Like the only person contributing is you
But the internet doesn’t work like that.
There has to be something on the other side that made what you’re looking at
Or someone to look at what you’ve created
Or everything becomes pointless.
So yeah, sometimes the internet isn’t exactly all laughs and sunshine
But I don’t know what I would do without it.
Because there are occasions where everything just clicks.
You may not be looking for anything at all
And stumble upon something that’ll be valuable to you forever.
The internet Is kinda like friendship.

Our relationship is like a purse
My best friend carries me on her shoulder
When I’m down
Like a big purse without many compartments,
Jamie has no organization skills
My purse carries most of my items
Jamie holds all my secrets inside
The leather and seams prove to be dependable and durable
As are the roots of our friendship
Everyone can see it,
The relationship so strong
Not everyone has one special
That they love so much
It has many colors, variations, and styles
The outside material might change
Over time but the inside remains the same
It’s always with you, no matter where you go
Unless it’s unnecessary but only for a day or so
The good kind takes time to find
But the quality of this relationship lasts a lifetime
external image 1527901-p-DETAILED.jpg

The Golden Sun
On our good days you warm me.
When it rains too long I miss you.
Your warmth dries my tears,
And you leave me glowing.
When I spend time with you
I have a healthy flush.
And when I see you it's refreshing,
But your sunny feelings fade,
And you become roasting.
Your temper is fiery;
Though my own is cold.
When your boiling rage flares
It feeds the flame of mine
Until I'm so hot, I see only red.
You're burning, burning, burning me,
Yet you seem to barely flicker.
Our battles are heated
And I cool only when you go.
If I look at you too closely
I fear that I'm left blinded.

Our relationship is
Like an alcoholic needs their next drink
Like I can’t even begin to describe that I think
It haunts me like no other
When we can’t be together
Like a storm without thunder
“What’s going to happen to us?” I then begin to wonder
I close my eyes
And you are right at my side
Everything is going right
The sun begins to shine, so bright
Lying in the grass, singing our favorite songs
Nothing can go wrong
The dark clouds come in
Here we go again
The same dream, always end the same
You fade away from me
I grab your hand as if it would keep you here
“Just stay with me until I fall asleep!”
You reply with tears falling from your glassy, blue eyes
“It’s not as easy as it seems.”
You disappear
I wake up, in the same bed, still lying here
I then begin to write like it would save my life
Today is the day where I say goodbye one last time
I walk past the metal gates, past the shallow lake
Past all the strangers
I then see your polished rock
Hands shaking I pull out my letter I wrote to you
Tears begin to fall, in little pools
“Goodbye, my love, this is where it ends
I now realize I will never see you, never again
I need to let you go.
I wrote this, to let you know, I will never forget you
And will always love you.”
5. wonka.jpgWho would have thought
that Willy Wonka could be
just like you and me?
Just like Willy,
We have it all!
We have fun and romance,
while he has chocolate and gumballs!
With you I'm like a chocolate bar-
your touch makes me melt!
And ike you're addicted to chocolate,
I'm addicted to you.
We're fun loving Nerds,
you know we're both dorks.
I'll bend and stretch-
like Laffy Taffy-
because I'd do anything for you.
Like the jokes on the wrapper,
most of the time we're lame.
I hope we can be li

ke gobstoppers-
lasting forever and always.
Like sweetarts and schokers,
we're both sour and sweet.
You fill me with joy,
but sometimes cause me pain.
But that's okay, I know it's inadvertant.
Sometime's you're just clumsy,
like an Oompa Loompa.
Our friendship is like a purse
I will always carry them with me
There’s always room for something new
Can’t go anywhere without it
Doesn’t matter if their big or small
Helps me stay organized
Always has money
Has my back
Holds my most vital possessions
Comes in different colors
You lose them
Full of trash
There to freshen you up
Like my check book they keep me balanced
Got your ones from Prada and ones from Goodwill
Need one for every outfit
Puts a lot of weight on your shoulder
Sometimes you forget them
Use them as a weapon
Friendship is definitely like a purse
external image economy-plunger-side.jpg
Our relationship is like a plunger
Always ready to unclog a dirty situation
Sitting there taking up space
A stick with a rubber end
When the liquid is running to the top your there to save the day
Whether it’s brown you can fix it
Even if it’s mixed brown, yellow, green, red
Your there to clear things up
You aren’t clean very often
Stinky, is your middle name
You may get replaced if you fail to assist
Always chilling looking so clean
Don’t be fooled by the appearance
You’re always nice to have around
Very simple, reliable, and always there
When you’re not there
It always turns into a big mess
Sometimes you go forgotten
But when I explode
I know your there for the rescue
Our relationship is like a plunger
41Our relationship is like a work of art
Hard to find the right ideas
Starting only with the white canvas
Growing only from commitment
Every moment spent on it
Only makes it better
A paintbrush of experiences
All thrown together, to create one unique outcome
You have to work at it everyday
To achieve what you want most
You can’t give up because you have already started
There is times when you may mess up
But that is what makes it stronger.
You only have one canvas
So put as much paint on it as you can
You may have doubts
But you always know that it will come together in the end
There will be joy
Tears shed
Times when hope is lost
Just know that it will all come together in the end
Showing that a lifetime of work
Pays off in the long run
Never give up on something so precious
For you will never
Create something like it in your life again

external image IMG_3237.JPG
7 Like a Bottle of Watbbber
external image Nestle_Pure_Life.jpg
Our relationship is like drinking a bottle of water.
At first you are pleased with my ability to satisfy your thirst,
And then you get tired of the dull taste of water.
The more you drink the worst the water seems to taste.
As you get tired of drinking, you set the bottle down.
As I become warm and stale, you begin to thirst once again.
This time, however,
You do not wish to taste water any longer.
You drink soda and it seems to be better than water.
As I continue to sit and watch you pull various drinks from the fridge,
I sit alone.
Eventually you will once again thirst for water,
But I will be warm and unsatisfactory.
As I am not good enough for you any longer,
I allow you to place me in the refrigerator,
So that I will be cold and make you happy.
I allow you to add flavors to me to change my taste,
But I should not have to change who I am to please you.
If you do not like the water of which I can supply,
Maybe this bottle of water is not the best choice to quench your thirst.
You are like an earthquake.
My world trembles when you walk
Because you are so huge.
The whole room seems to shake
With every step you take.
Restaurant owners cringe in fear
As you break through their doors.
To their buffet your trips are quick,
But cause so much devastation.
Your many chins are extenuated
By the rifts in the fat of your neck.
As you sit down
On my new antique chair
I hear a loud crack
And watch you tumble to the ground
As my chair crumble to pieces.
It was then that I’m sure
Your size could be compared
To that of a small whale
And I’m pretty sure that fall
Scored a ten on the Richter scale.
Matt Logan
Our Friendship is like Air
By: Travis Boehman
Our friendship is like air
When I need you around you are always there
If you were not around my life would surely be tough
I can get along without you but not for very long
More often than not you are very calm
You treat no one person differently than another
Sometimes things can get polluted between us
But it always seems to clean itself up
At times you can be harsh
And mix everything up
You throw things around and don’t care where they go
But everything eventually gets back to normal
You get back on track
No matter what I know that you have got my back
Sometime things can get stale between us
But they always get moving
Sometimes things get in the way
And it’s hard to see
But I’ll always be there for you
And you will be there for me
43external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSsS1iJCO3W49mYnnJ0tuS8ME6N89lS6MWm5gAbWPTSOVsyDQFY
Night Club
By: Joseph Christodoulou
Our relationship is like a night club
When I first walked in I was full of excitement
Ready to hit the scene and dance my life away
But when I saw you the euphonious music, the people, and the whole world just stopped
I had no idea how to react to your beauty
I wanted to walk up to you, but my legs felt like they were in cement forever bounded to that spot
I stood in that same spot for hours drinking vodka like it was water
Contemplating how I should approach you
After drinking enough I felt confident and I took a risk
A risk that could change my whole life
When I walked up to you, you just smiled a smile that could light up the darkest caves
We danced for hours, hours that felt like a lifetime
When I watched you dance you looked like leaves caught in the wind flowing smoothly through the air
We left the club together to go walk on the beach
We walked on the beach listening to the waves hit the shore, talking, laughing, and enjoying being around each other
We finally decided to lie down and just watch the stars, just forgetting about everything else in the world
That night I fell asleep with a smile for the first time in a long time
When I woke up I was ready to see your beauty, but when I did you weren’t there
I was right that about that risk changing my whole life
That risk makes me want to search for you until I die
I’ll never forget you and your enrapturing smile.

Coffee Mug

Heath Abney

As an old, worn coffee mug, you came into my life.
At first, ceramic sides gleaming, you appear flawless,
But inside you are dirty and grimy and stained.
Tiny fractures permeate every aspect of your being.
You are chipped around the edges,
your cheapness evident, your lack of refinement obvious.
Handled by everyone, there is no telling where you’ve been,
No telling what comes with your love, unseen.
You are filled to the brim with bitter feelings,
Only with the sweetness of others are you bearable.
You are shallow and weak and provide only short relief.
When you are gone you leave me feeling empty,
An exhausted emotional shell.
Yet I always come back to you; I am addicted.
No one else brings me such comfort.
No one else brightens a gloomy day.
I am aware of your flaws but also blind to them.
I am sustained by your presence when all else fails.
I am warned about you but I don’t care.
I will never stray far from your tarnished embrace.
44. recycling_bin.jpg
Recycling Bin
Zach buskill
You are a recycling bin
Everything you take in gets twisted and goes out in a different way
The things you circulate are never what they originally were
You think you’re superior to your friends who are right beside you
You think you’re too good for what some people have to give
It seems like you’re always telling me which direction to go in
You make me feel guilty when I don’t give you enough attention
When someone accidentally nudges into you, you always make a mess
Don’t get me wrong, your intentions are good
But in the end, you’re just a hassle
Everything about you is fake
Natural doesn’t mean anything to you, just plastic
And why are you always so blue?
You just sit there all day
And what do we do?
We argue over who has to go take care of you
I think something inside of you has gone sour
You have a natural noxiousness about you
You just need to let everything out
Seriously, you’re overflowing
Hiccups so strongly resemble your love,
Nothing else is so suggestive of.
Of all in this world, you’re the most irritating,
With you around all my friends are berating.
Always when you plague me, you come in shorts bursts,
At the end of the day my stomach so hurts.
Unhappily, often are your frequent attacks,
In your presence I just cannot relax.
You never fail to appear when times are bad,
Inconvenient you are, much more than a tad.
In complete quiet you distastefully break silence,
Your insolence so bothers me I feel need for violence.
All methods I’ve tried to destroy your existence,
But through all of this you’ve proved your persistence.
Very clearly you are full of hot air,
So loud and maddening I can hardly bear.
Thanks to you I’m subject to unwanted attention,
Most people approach me with extreme apprehension.
Just the thought of you sends my diaphragm to contortion,
Too much of you is a medical condition.
To remove you I close my eyes with a deep breath,
But sadly my love will not leave me till death.
You’re the tie to my bow
To be worn in my hair or around your neck
There to be different from the usual,
While still being able to be perfect fit for me
Though known and popular among many,
We know how to be one in the same,
Adding quirk and interest to our lives,
Whether it’s a clip-on or hand-tied sort of day,
Different fabrics for different occasions,
Ranging from cotton to silk,
In the same way, we go from sweats to dress clothes,
Regardless of occasion or time of day,
Filling stereotypes and brand names,
While we break stereotypes and fill our lives with brand names,
Small and easily lost,
Like our minds tends to be,
Once found, life becomes perfect harmony
A sort of a sign for what you want to hope to do,
It’s already a staple for you
As Charlene says, we’ll dance through the night,
Me wearing my dress and you with your (bow) tie
Friendship is like a Head of Hair,Paul_Mitchell_Tea_Tree_Shampoo.jpg
It can be long, short, or bare.
Sometimes can be unfair,
Needing much gentleness and care.
Both have their good and bad days,
No matter what style it lays,
Sometimes thin
Or thick like hay.
Lots of happiness and fits,
There are lots of secrets,
Most will not be known,
Because the right you do not own.
Different styles and tints,
They often give you hints,
About the way they will be soon,
Watch out or it can pop like a balloon.
Through a lot of bends,
Most friendships end in split-ends.
Friendship is like a head of hair,
Long, short, or bare.
Just a Ragged Jacket
You make me feel like a ragged jacket
In my pockets storing trash and ketchup packets.
Storage in the closet is ignored and dark.
Waiting for the thermometer to reach that mark
When the weather shifts and the world grows cold,
You return to your friend of old.
In my embrace, you are warm and protected,
The chill of wind is easily corrected.
You hold me close, but only skin deep;
No confidant to the secrets you keep.
The clouds lament, and rain gets me wet,
But you don’t think twice, you don’t regret.
When you are back at home and cold no more,
You kindly throw me on the floor.
There I lie, stained and frayed,
Until you need me the next day.
Throw me in the laundry; try to wash what you have soiled,
And I let go, for my fit for you is loyal.
But I couldn’t be healed once you broke my zipper,
I won’t ever fit you again, jacket-ripper.
Out of fashion, bad fit, no good,
You threw me out because you could.
I am replaced and sent to charity,
But these stains are yours, and yours I’ll always be.
Take Your Mark… GO!
Our relationship is like a swim meet
Sometimes she gives me a block
Always pushing me for success
Doesn’t always go as planned
Going straight, back and forth
Goggles, suit, cap, doesn’t even prepare
It’s always so special
But impossible to reach
Sweaty even though you can’t see
Breastroke, backstroke, freestyle, butterfly
Always something new
Time and dedication
All goes through that
Sometimes so hard
You can’t even bear it
Always telling me to get going
Even getting me in trouble
Distance is key
I’m about to quit
You’re always there to cool me off
Our relationship is like a swim meet
Our Love is like a Novel
Hunter Nord
Our cover seems so vibrant, never is it dull
I loved you when I first saw you, you even made me blushful.
Our novel seems like endless pages, separated into chapters,
Our story seems to write itself because we are the authors.
The genre varies from day to day, depending on the mood,
We’ve had our share of tearjerkers, but forever we are glued.
I composed the cover, the back you shall design,
No matter how they look, we’re always bound at the spine.
Sometimes you make me laugh; sometimes you make me cry,
But to you I remain faithful, until the day I die.
My mother always told me, “Never judge a book by its cover,”
Always take a chance on it, because it may become your lover.
Our love in unabridged, we do not remove the past,
We live in the present, hope for the future, our devotion remains steadfast.
Our relationship is published for the entire world to see,
This non-fiction novel is almost hard for one to believe.
A bookmark is placed on the page that describes our wedding day,
The crowd of girls behind me when I threw out my bouquet.
Bookends hold our memories together; they do not let them fall,
We stand as one through thick and thin, just like a strong stone wall.

It comes spontaneously; at first it’s thrilling.
I’m forced to stay in although I’m unwilling.
Exciting at first, but turns to the worst.
I want to go out, I don’t want to be nursed
Inside this house, by the fire, like a bum,
Waiting for new bright summer to come.
Although it is great to spend time for a while,
The fun snow man eventually turns into a pile.
Boring, repetitive; new effects will never appear,
Ice on the road makes it hard to steer.
No traction, I’m swerving. The road feels like its curving
even when it isn’t. I’m working on conserving.
Conserving my energy because this is just pointless,
When I go outside I feel like I’m voiceless.
I wish it would melt because I miss the sunshine,
This frosty whiteness is blocking the fun time.
On the bright side, the end is coming.
Melting it all, moving on, and just running.
I guess time will tell when it comes back again.
Until then I’m gonna have as much fun as I can.
Freedom is Like Being Nude
By: Mark Wathen
1. Always free
2. Never controlling
3. Never binding
4. Feeling the wind
5. Always being up front
6. Never holding anything back
7. Never judging
8. Feeling so peaceful
9. Always cool
10. Never too hot
11. Never trying to match
12. Feeling graceful
13. Always out going
14. Never any surprises
15. Never anything to hide
16. Feeling so confident
17. Always in my birthday suit
18. Never covered
19. Never mislead
20. Feeling so natural
49 [[image: width="137" height="170"]]
By: Jamie Adkins

Our relationship is like a bouquet of flowers.
Apart we grew where no one knew
An assortment flowers bloomed over the hours.

Our lives intertwined,
And through a magical mist,
We were grouped together,
As we came to exist.

Storms came
And storms past
With our stems together,
we were known to outlast.

Thorns were at hand,
though they rarely occurred.
One always could tell
Seeing how the other looked perturbed.

Our petals matured,
As the seasons passed,
We were tied together
Knowing we would last.

Ribbons and Bows we were bonded by
We were placed on a table for all to enjoy.
Forever we are tied and put on display
Flowers like these one may never destroy.
Our friendship is like a Butterfly
Your friendship is special
Like the flowers that bloom,
Or when a butterfly emerges
From within its cocoon…
You remind me of that butterfly,
Loving and free,
Bright and colorful,
For the world to see…
And within a few days
We felt like friends of old
This beautiful majestic butterfly
Nestled peacefully within my soul.
We’ll standby together
While, the cold wind blows.
We’ll share sunshine and rainbows
Sometimes, the rain and the snow too!
When the time is right,
We won’t stop to ask, “Why?”
Our friendship will take flight
On the wings of a butterfly…


Our Love is Like a Fart
By Michelle Honadle

I am so over putting up with your crap, it’s time to let go.
You always wear an expression on your face that looks like you are trying to pass gas.
You have an awkward stance, always slightly leaned to one side, like you’re doing a one-cheek sneak.
Your favorite food is baked beans, I think that explains itself.
You refuse to let other people see me with you in public, you always hold me back.
I seem to only be good enough for you when you’re all by yourself.
When you show me off in front of your friends, they all laugh and make jokes at us.
I don’t even think I want to know why your friends nicknamed you “Shart.”
If I surprise you with my presence while you’re out, you are just plain humiliated by me.
You never take the blame for anything because you always blame it on other people.
You act like I smell, and don’t even let me get too close to you.
The only time you are actually nice to me is when I’m quiet or shy.
I can’t help myself any more; sometimes I just want to be heard!
You are beyond unsupportive of my job; I’d like to see you try to cut cheese for a living!
You are very disrespectful; I don’t appreciate being called “butthole” all the time.
You just think you’re so// cool when you always leave skid marks wherever you drive.
You do the weirdest things. I mean, who plays the trumpet out their back door every day?
Our relationship is done; I’m tired of being thrown around by you like something in the wind.
There’s no more holding me back anymore, I’m going to rip free from your grip.
It’s time for me to let loose! I want to be free to do whatever I want, whenever I want!
Rubik’s Cube
By Taylor Craft

Our relationship is like a Rubik’s cube
I’m always trying to figure you out
Although I fear I will never know the route
My friends attempt to help
But just leave you in a mess
You have several different colors
But have yet to show the ones that are true
I feel like I’m getting close
Actually to be honest
I don’t really know
You’re mysterious and addicting
And no one understands
I’ve been told to give up on you
To just be through
Your straight edge
But are tricky somehow too
You offer no help
Not even a clue
The time is coming
When I’ll finally be done with you


Cannibal Love
Craving you like human flesh
Heart, hands, fresh…
You fill me up like fingers nourished Gein
and keep me safe like Dauhmer kept Steve

Take me home and prep me up
Spoil me with seasonings, gifts, and tender love

The Donners had each other
and you have me
Saturday night is like and aboriginal feast

You’re not always a loving grace
Some days I want to chase you down like Leatherface

Sometime the things you say
Bite me in the Worst way
Still, despite your quirks and the things you do
I’m cannibal for you

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT12jM9TJsEuUHBPzXWU1NmZsVmjgvu47M0ugEGYz9xHNfrHCnpWg

Our relationship is like a poem
It might be hard to get it started
But it always works out in the end
twenty lines seems like a lot but it’s just
the lines that brought us together
once you get started you don’t want it to end
there is so much it could go on forever
this relationship is not easily found
it’s something that you have to search for
sometimes you are meant to read between the lines
there are things that can’t be seen without time
as you continue to read you might wonder why?
but there is always a reason for that question
it will go on and things will happen
time is what it will take
there are never enough words to make something right
you just have to feel that it is right
there will be a time when a conclusion is needed but
you may never know when that is
so just go on and write the lines
all the while
holding onto hope that they will continue to bring us together
19 Ocean.jpg
Friendship is like the ocean
It breaks like the waves
You can see the beginning not the end
Full of life
Changes everyday
Outside objects are always trying to pull on it
Needs sunshine
The time of day never stops it
Powerful force
Letting new memories in all the time
Moody like a crab
Challenging like the current
Has its up and downs
Can sting a little bit
Filled with water
Taking on any destruction
Goes on for a while
Found in different locations
Drifts away
Friendship is like the ocean
external image moz-screenshot-3.png21
How a Relationship is like a Beach
Two grains of sand are never the same
Listening to the calmness of the ocean
The soothing feeling of the sun warming inside
Sinking into the sands of time
Running from all troubles
Escape from what is real in the world
Riding the surfboard
With its ups and downs
Crabs and jellyfish block the path
And disturb the flow
The shore meets the waves in a pleasant manner
Winds whip across and bring them together
An attraction to most, many consider a vacation
That can often go from relaxing to disastrous
From calm to rip tide, changes occur
On the coast, on the edge, so close to the end
Never knowing when the tide might rise
And destroy all inhabitants
The moon determines the pattern
And brings love to the picture
lynsey young


Our relationship is like an ocean
There is distance between us,
But our love towards each other brings us back to the sand
I’m the Atlantic and you are the Pacific.
We’re growing closer like the school fish in the sea.
Our relationship may be rocky,
But filled with so many memories
We both feel blue when apart,
And this is majority of the time.
When finally together we do act like sharks in the sea
We fight, but that’s natural
And eventually we are calm,
The moon shines above us
And shows us our true family beauty
Like deep in the ocean, we are full of life
As my brother your rage can be as a high as a wave
But as your sister, I calm you down as your cresting,
As part of the sea
Although we may be apart
We are always connected.
22. By eden :) A mom is like your favorite old t-shirt,

Tattered around the edges
Yet comforting after a long, hard day
As time is passing
Getting lost in the fast pace of society
Coming home and settling in for the night
feeling like yourself once again
as you put your t-shirt on.
Raggedy, torn, and a little dirty
It’s soothing in all the right ways
Stepped on, tossed aside, and sometimes forgotten
Yet you’re always reluctant to toss it away for good.
Memories pour forth
Time is written in the strands of the fabric.
As life turns for the worse
You can always count on your t-shirt to pull you
Through the rough times.
The love you feel is immeasurable
Neither time nor space can impede
I Love you mom!

Our love is like clear nail polish
So many ways to fix and repair
From chipping and cracking
To ripping and tearing.
We fix so many things
And never ask for payment.
We bind friendships and love
Into a small clear container
That has so many uses
But is often ignored
We see right through each other
Even though we try to hide it
We are both too clear
To cover any feelings
Most people just see a shiny surface
That glows their reflection.
Underneath the surface
Is quite a different story
Most people don’t realize
Just how colorful we can be
Our bind is strong and unbreakable
As it will be for eternity
external image 3637301613_2dede682bf.jpg

Having an older sister is like having a car
Dependable she is even when she is far
Being the older model
You are always classic
Always in style
Making me feel inspired
Heading in the right direction
And steering me along with you
The journey we head down
Will truely be memorable
Feeling good and solid
As made in the U.S.A
Making sure Im always protected
Even if she has to go miles away
From the outside she can seem perfect and about
But on the inside it's hard to figure her out
When it comes on trying to put me in a better mood
She can be loud and comforting
Having an older sister like you
Would always be special but obviously rare

By: Amy Pannu
My dog and I are best friends, There is no other way to describe our relationship. He sits home all day, while I am away at school, Waiting for me to come home, So he can wag his tail and lick my face. He doesn’t judge me, He’s always there for me, And he doesn’t bring me down. I can tell him anything, knowing it will not get out to anyone, He loves me unconditionally for who I am. In the summer, he likes to swim with me, He loves chasing my friends and me around for hours on the ATVs. On the fourth of the July, he puts on a bigger show than the fireworks, Unlike most dogs, he runs straight to them while they are going off. He loves everything and everyone, And everyone loves him, it’s impossible not to. My dad told me to pick the biggest dog with the biggest paws, But I have realized besides his size and paws, he has the biggest heart. When I mention his name, everyone mentions how much they love him; I want to be the person my dog thinks I am. There is no doubt he is the best dog in the world, No matter how bad of a day I have had, he will still lick my face in the morning.
27external image budlight1.jpg
Our relationship is like beer,
You’re with me every night.
When I’m feeling down,
You make me feel just right.
Down my throat,
And sometimes back up.
You’re always in my hand,
In the can or in a cup.
You make me tingle inside,
Whether good or bad.
You make me happy,
And with you I am never sad.
Always in my cooler,
Like a hidden treasure.
Only you,
Can bring me such pleasure.
You have my heart,
Every single weekend night.
Oh how I love you,
My sweet dearest Bud Light

Our relationship is like a beach
You are warm and inviting
The sun always shines when we’re together
People say that you are bright, relaxed, and cool
While others say you can be loud and obnoxious
But that’s what seems to work for us.
I never know what mood you are in
Either you’re loud and childlike
Or quiet and calm
Sometimes there is a salty scent in the air
When you are rude or irascible
No matter what, we get along quite well
Although some waves may come crashing down
Here and there
It is true, we fight sometimes
But everyone hits those hard waves
And stumbles or falls.
Other times, you’re so shark infested
I would rather run away
All we have to do is get back up
And move ahead with our adventure
bra.jpgBY:kimberly hampton
Friendship is like a good bra
There hard to find
Are very supportive
They always lift you up
Never lets you down
Never leaves you hanging
Some times its full of stupid “boobs”
You never leave home without it
And if you do you feel naked
Always hugs you close
Some times you lose it
Comes in different sizes and colors
Laced with memories
Hard to undo
Full of padding
Can be misleading
No matter how “BIG” your problem its always there
Can be very costly
You can never have to many
Its close to your heart
67 hamburger430x300.jpg
Our relationship is like McDonald’s
I just can’t seem to fully trust you
You’re full of fat, and it’s making me fat, too
Sometimes I’m excited to see you
But you leave me feeling queasy
You’re dirty, cheap and greasy
When I’ve been around you
I feel utterly unclean
Everyone knows who you are
For all the wrong reasons
Everyone loves you until
They find out what you’re really made of
My parent’s caution me against you
They say you’ll ruin me and
I usually don’t miss you
But you’re good in small doses
You actually have pretty good taste
Just not quite my style
I can’t seem to go anywhere without you being there
You’re colors are just too bright for me
I can spot you a mile away
No matter how late it is
You’re always open and ready to see
Me as long as you get what you want out of me
But all I really am to you is money;
I like other friends a lot better
But sometimes you’re exactly what I need
I’ve been trying to avoid all the fatty, unhealthy friends
But when I get around you, I have to start all over again
Ryan Gentry
I can see us only as a typhoon,
The waves crashing hard against our ship’s hull.
Up and down we sail in the chaos
Through the dark and stormy sea.
Wind billows and chills us to our bones.
But at times, it seems a gentle breeze.
The waves that launch our vessel skyward
Can be soft enough to skip rocks.
The sun can shine bright and the sun can shine hard.
But right now, the clouds shun its presence.
Instead of the inviting rays of warmth,
We are greeted by strikes of electric daggers
Reaching down to greet unfortunate sailors.
We are tossed around with no control of destination;
Only the wind can determine our fate.
The same could be said for adventurers past
Whose sunken graves litter the bottom of the sea.
The wind and waves and lightning can drive
Us away from this tempest,
But our love of the sea will bring us back again.

Oh mother,
Our relationship is like a book
It is complex
It as times leaves me hanging
And sometimes when I think it is over
I’m back in the depths of the plot
Begging for the cover to slam shut
Other times, I do not want the pages to end
And I wish for the cover to be far away
So that I can read on forever
Our relationship is old and enduring
It has many pages
And many faces
Many words and emotions
It can take us to a new place
It can unite us
It can be burned or destroyed
At the same time though, it can be written and added on too
35 Firework.jpg
Our friendship is like a firework.
Long ago, a spark ignited and brought us together.
Over time we came out of our packages
And eventually we skyrocketed.
We whistled our way to the best friendship ever,
We began to sparkle and explode,
And our true light began to show.
People watched as we lit up any situation,
Including parties and the Fourth of July.
We thought this explosion of fun would never end,
But over time our lights and colors began to diminish.
Everyone watched as we began to fall,
And wondered what caused it to happen.
Slowly our ashes began to accumulate,
Scattering everywhere until nobody could
Even tell what we were.
I have no idea what could have stopped
The fuel that powered our friendship.
But like all spectacles,
It had to come to an end.
Best Friend
You know you’re my best friend
I love you like Winnie the Poo loves honey
We stick together like glue
Chilin everyday like ice cubes
We have so many things in common
Put us together and we can be dangerous
More dangerous then chemicals
Were never apart
Like 2 magnets we always find each other
I can see us growing old together
Just like the Gilmore girls on TV
Sometimes we fight
Like a little kids bucket got taken away
Someone see’s one of us the other ones near
Were like sand and an ocean
We fit well together as friends
Like Bonnie and Clide
I got your back if you got mine
Like a puma
You’ll always be my friend
Best Friend
You know you’re my best friend
I love you like Winnie the Poo loves honey
We stick together like glue
Chilin everyday like ice cubes
We have so many things in common
Put us together and we can be dangerous
More dangerous then chemicals
Were never apart
Like 2 magnets we always find each other
I can see us growing old together
Just like the Gilmore girls on TV
Sometimes we fight
Like a little kids bucket got taken away
Someone see’s one of us the other ones near
Were like sand and an ocean
We fit well together as friends
Like Bonnie and Clide
I got your back if you got mine
Like a puma
You’ll always be my friend
70 Kitty.png
Wesley Burns

When I think of you I think of a cat
You are cute, cuddly, and think you’re all that
However I have news for you my feline friend
You are not all that you are at the bottom end
Just like a cat you are very lazy
When I smell your breath everything gets hazy
Your level of cuteness is profound
But one wrong move and your claws can be found
In my foot, hand, face, or back
What you call play I call attack
Once you bit me but I was ok
Until symptoms of rabies showed up the next day
For Christmas I gave you flowers and jewelry
You gave me a dead bird that you found in a tree
When I look at you I can see murder in your eyes
You also have a strange fascination with zip ties
However just like a cat you have nine lives
And even though you make me break out in hives
I always come back after we say we are through
Because I have a computer chip implanted in you